Every piece is from my soul to yours...

Alli Suter has always been an artist creating with many different mediums. She has her BFA from Arizona State University and believes her talent wasn’t cultivated in school as much as it is a gift from above. Art flows through her fingers like water down a stream. She cultivates feather sculptures that are pleasing to the eye and
radiate palpable energy blessings into your home or office. Alli has been a student of quantum energy healing since 2007 and infuses each piece with sacred quantum energy. Each piece begins with a personal phone call with Alli in order to connect and create the most impactful art piece for you and your loved ones. These pieces
invoke abundance, peace, creativity, love, harmony and focus in the space where they hang. From CEO and chief designer for Moody Leather, INC. an international luxury guitar strap brand to a world renowned feather sculpture artist and from her soul to yours; Alli Suter continues to bless the planet with creative art that is felt as well as seen.


When she's not creating 3D feather sculptures, she's one of the founding board members of PI.Eco, a company that is dedicated to healing our planet by taking plastic garbage and converting it into clean energy. www.pi.eco